With over fourty years experience of teaching the guitar and bass in Nottingham, Derek has taught literaly hundrends of students. Here's what some of them have to say...

Joel Peat

ACM Student, Grade 8 Trinity Rock School

Lawson/The Shires

Recording Artist

Joel Peat, Professional Musician.

Before moving to university I had been having lessons with Derek for 11 years, starting in my primary school and then progressing to private lessons when my parents realised I was serious about playing.

A great learning environment was provided for me; Derek is always happy and encouraging and has a positive attitude to life. He has a great sense of humour which even at a young age maintained my interest in practice and made me look forward to my lessons.

Each week I would receive an Email that detailed all the things we had covered in lesson and what I was to practice... So there was no excuse! Derek taught me all the playing skills I needed to learn to successfully hold my own when moving to The Academy of Contemporary Music, where I found that I was better prepared than most other students. I had also developed a feel for music that I strongly believe was due to the invaluable inspiration I gained from Derek's playing.

After my first year I was awarded ACM "Outstanding Guitarist of the Year 2009" out of approximately 120 other students. A few months ago I auditioned for a band and got the place playing lead guitar, we are now currently signed to 19 entertainment and are expecting big things for this year 2010.

I am truly happy and incredibly grateful for the opportunity given to me, but know that if not for Derek's unique enthusiasm and obvious passion for seeing me improve I would not have been successful. I would and have recommended Derek to everyone, confident that they would be getting the best in guitar and general music tuition... He is the influence that every aspiring musician should have!


Adam Miles Amer

ACM 1st class Honours Graduate / Grade 8 (Merit) Trinty Rock School

"The London Essentials" and Session Musician [London]

Professional Musician & Teacher

Adam Amer, Professional Musician.

Derek has been a tutor and friend of the family for years and has always given my father and and I world class music tuition. Whether it be complex music theory or how to rock out like a pro, D has provided.

His teaching style is extremely relevant for all musical genres and performance preferences. I have had both six-string and bass lessons for up 7 years with Derek and I know that I would never have got to where I am today without his expertise.

His many years of experience have also contributed to his richness of teaching. But don't take my word for it, you'll see I'm telling the truth as soon as you meet this guy. An absolute legend and friend.


Ian Widdison

Guitarist [Vasey]

Semi-Pro Guitarist

Ian Widdison, Semi-Professional Musician.

Having never played an instrument before, lessons with Derek were my first introduction to music. Whilst music playing and theory can be highly complex and daunting at a young age I found that Derek was able to break these down into digestible chunks and progress my playing and knowledge of the guitar at a pace that was ideal for me at that time.

We covered every style of music from finger picking and sight reading classical music on a nylon string guitar to chugging out huge riffs on a heavily distorted electric and all of which have influenced my playing styles and tastes today. I found the lessons fun and informative whilst all the time building my confidence as a guitar player and within a very comfortable and affordable atmosphere.

I've constantly found playing the guitar a joy thanks to Derek being able to give me a true appreciation of the instrument. I still play with bands and by myself at home and all of Derek's lessons have helped hugely in what I enjoy today, but I'm sure if I were to go back today

Derek would still be able to surprise me with a fresh perspective and never ending enthusiasm for music. Thank you Derek for being the best teacher ever and and all round smashing bloke!


Isaac Anderson

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist - Louis Tomlinson/Fast Car to Florence

Professional Musician & Teacher

Isaac Anderson, Professional Musician.

Derek was my main guitar tutor as I was growing up. I started lessons with him from about the age of eleven, and he helped turn my budding interest in the guitar into a full-blown obsession - his lessons were always inspiring, exciting, and engaging, with a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Scales, modes, and theory were nicely balanced alongside the ‘fun stuff’ (learning my favourite songs!), ensuring that I was consistently improving as a player without feeling uninspired or bogged down in technicalities. Whether it was group lessons at school or private tuition at his home in preparation for my graded exam, with his help, I always felt that the next step of my journey with the guitar was always well within my reach.

Derek would also routinely offer advice and encouragement in other musical goals outside of the guitar, including singing, songwriting, and the discipline of gigging/touring. He was instrumental in helping me to achieve a career as a performing musician; he helped me to believe in myself. I can confidently say I wouldn’t be the guitarist I am now without Derek’s teaching, support and guidance!'


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